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A Celebration of Women In The Bible!

Celebrating Women in the Bible is a new composition based on the works of a newly commisioned cycle of songs by Brittish Composer, Tristan Latchford; this project is in collaboration with the published poetry: Nourishing Connections by retired bishop, The Right Reverend, Dr. Graham Kings, inspired by the painting series: Women in the Bible by renowned painter, Silvia Dimitrova. Below is the pre-sale Cd information for the Cd with one free track avaialble now: "V - Mary Magdalene"; the full Cd and all tracks will be avaialble October 31st. Below, you'll find all seven women that Dimitrova painted, the original inspiration for the poetry and compositions! 

Such great labor of work and determination went into the production of this international recording project; the collaboration of Silvia Dimitrova's paintings & the poetry by the Right Reverened Dr. Graham Kings provided Tristan, the composer, such an amazing opportunity to write such glorious and deeply inspiring music. I feel great pride and joy in the success that we've all accomplished in this Cd and am so honored to have been a part of the project.

For more information on the Cd sales, please visit this website:

Series: Women In The Bible by Silvia Dimitrova -

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